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On the date 12th July,Our company have launched team building activity in order to better stimulate employees' work enthusiasm and establish positive communication.

At the beginning,all the member are divided into four groups and they wear the same color uniform for each team. Every team elect the captains and military divisions, and create their team names, slogans and team songs. And each group are showed at the stage.


The tutor asked the team make a circle and inspire themThrough the generation, display and integration of teams, everyone has strengthened their understanding and communication skills, and enhanced the spirit of creating excellent teams.


Next game is to require the team make the ball up and down within 60-90 seconds. This game required all the member in one team shall use almost the same power and balance the drum.

What a surprise is the winner team make the ball up and down 120 times within 90 seconds.



The third activity is that only one can touch the card and realize all the number from 1-30, other team members can help that center guy to pick the correct card and line from 1-30.


At the first step, they need to recognize which card represents which number.

It’s really not easy. At the first two round, all of them didn’t find the correct number one.

Because the picture of Bowl(碗wan) means number "1". And a bumper grain harvest(五谷丰登) means "5". Monkey(齐天大圣) means “7”.Zodiac(十二生肖)means "12".Stone lions(石狮子) means "14".

and some many numbers are difficult to realize.

But finally at fourth round, all the four team got 30 scores.


Through this expansion activity, everyone learns through practical exercises, changes in experiential learning, deepens the mutual understanding between people, and deeply realizes the importance of teamwork, It really improves personal resilience and enhances individual Self-confidence and team cohesion.

 After experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, collaboration, and courage, everyone deeply feels the essence of "Team without a gap" and the responsibilities as a member of the team.

At this time, under intense work and pressure, we really get close to nature, and enjoy the team working.


From this activity, we got some points for management and how to be a great leader for the team.

1. Sharing the vision

2. Building a learning environment

3. Being a positive role model

4. Recognizing individual abilities/values

5. Reinforcing self-confidence/independence

6. Supporting their team members

7. Driving out fear

8. Encouraging participation/self-expression

9. Fostering continuous improvement

10.Fostering initiative and responsibility

11.Encouraging persistence

12.Emphasising intrinsic outcomes

13.Advocating shared leadership

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